BASC Policy

Ensure control and safety in our processes 

Control and security

BASC Policy

In FADET S.A.C We are dedicated to the manufacture and export of decorative plywood based on recognized excellent quality timber products for our national and international clients. We express our commitment to the safety of our operations in a market context prone to the exposure of illegal acts in order to guarantee the trust of our clients, interested parties and society in general.

  1. To ensure control and safety in our processes we commit ourselves
    Maintain the BASC Security and Control Management System in accordance with current standards.
  2. Establish, implement, and improve control over our processes to prevent them from being used by individuals and organizations that intend to commit illegal activities such as smuggling, drug trafficking, crime, corruption, terrorism, bribery, money laundering, and others.
  3. Guarantee the transparency and legality of our operations within the framework of the current Law and comply with the requirements of the BASC SGCS
  4. Maintain and promote continuous improvement of the BASC security and control management system.

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